Short Version:

Journalist. Demos Fellow. Hopeless Dreamer. Phd Student.


The Longer Vision:

i don’t want to sound like an overly dramatic, naive, tree hugging young gal, but for as long as i can remember, I always wanted to help make the world a better place… whether it was in the grimiest hoods of the bronx, the streets of port-au-prince, or in the slums of Calcutta. i went to dc because i thought i could make the world a more democratic, just, and maybe even loving place. what better place to do that, I thought, than in the center of the nation’s capital. the hotbed of power, democracy and change.. after spending a few years in d.c., i realized that it was not one senator, congressman, or even the president that was able to create significant change in Washington. But, the people,that have the power to make change, even if they dont always know it.  it’s the power of the people. the power of their voices. The stories from their souls. however, their voices are often silent. particularly the ones we need to hear from most. people are too scared, too apathetic, too confused or feel they dont have anything to say, i hope to change that in whatever way i can. Whether its silly, simple or sad, everyone has a voice, and usually a good story or two to back it up.

no other career seemed to fit as well as that of journalist. I’ve worked for several media outlets over the years, writing, reporting and producing news stories ranging from politics to cultural issues to business. I was working for a weekly newsmagazine, the Bill Moyers Journal, when I realized that i wanted to learn the back stories to all those stories, so i headed off to the world of academia to help give me more understanding about the socialization, history, and culture of people across the country and the globe. i still freelance write and produce, and sometimes take up photography. Most of my stories and research is about the lives of african americans in the united states and how identity, culture, and politics of race and ethnicity affect our lives. through my work as a scholar and a journalist i hope to tear down those walls between academia and the real world and hope to be able to facilitate a more open dialogue about culture across the country. i hope through my work in various mediums people will learn that they count and their voices matter.
without a voice you’re in shackles.
its time to speak up.